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Talys Systems, Inc. Talys Coordinator Order Information Application Demonstration
  • Allows former students to enter information about themselves into a database.
  • "Bulletin Board" feature allows posting a variety of information. (Reunion dates, classmate searches, etc.)
  • Direct access to alumni information by anyone with access to the Internet and a browser such as Netscape, Internet Explorer or AOL.
  • Security code allows only the alumnus to change their information
  • Monitoring of information being entered via e-mail identifying what changes have occurred.
  • A quick scan identifies inappropriate or erroneous entries which can easily be modified or eliminated.
  • No unwanted or inappropriate advertising or unsolicited e-mail to your alumni.
  • Alumni Data System can be run on your Microsoft NT Internet server or a TALYS server.
  • Application systems can be customized to meet your unique district needs.
  • School maintains complete control.